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Dry Hair Tips: How to replenish extremely dehydrated hair with water?

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What adjective would you use to describe dry hair? Would it be: rough, dull and bad-looking? Owners of dry hair face quite a challenge when it comes to taking care of it. Even hair styling happens to be pretty troublesome – dry hair doesn’t want to hold a hairdo. As if that wasn’t bad enough, dry hair is particularly prone to static and frizz – and this ruins all hairdos you arrange.

What are the causes of dehydrated hair? Sadly, there are plenty of them. The good news though is that it’s pretty easy to eliminate – at least – the most serious threats that lead to hair dryness. Once you fight off all the wrongdoers, you will soon notice how your hair is gradually retrieving its good-looks.

What causes hair dryness?

Generally, mishandled hair treatments such as hair drying, straightening or dyeing are the biggest enemies of well-hydrated hair. They are proven to damage the protective coating of the hair which consequently leads to water loss and dryness. Apart from hair styling, harsh weather conditions, UV rays and genes are other factors responsible for depriving the hair of water. But most of all, we keep ruining our hair by exposing it to the wrong hair care products.

What does “dry hair” mean?

Dry hair is highly porous – its cuticles are open. If you aren’t sure if your hair porosity is high, it’s advised to do a hair porosity test – it’s easy to find some online. Obviously, you can always ask an expert for help and visit a trichologist – a hair doctor.

How to treat dry hair and let it drink?

First and foremost, dry hair needs to get its cuticles smoothed out. Why is it so important? Because when raised, the cuticles leave the door open for water to escape the hair shafts. When it comes to split ends, there is nothing that may help you seal the ragged hair ends, and therefore it’s better to cut them – they also contribute to hair dryness.

Nettle is one of the herbs known for being able to rescue dry hair. This plant offers plenty of nutrients that are proven to be beneficial to the hair, even the extremely dehydrated one. If it’s hard for you to drink nettle infusion on a daily basis, try rinsing the strands with it (use cool infusion). Algae extract is another life-saver. With their help you will strengthen the hair and replenish it with this much-needed water. This in turn will result in your strands looking more shiny and smooth.

Another solution that will surely help you combat hair dryness is hair oil treatment. Although it improves the appearance of all hair no matter the problem it’s affected by, regular application of vegetable oils to dry, damaged and dull hair produces the most visible results in the shortest period of time. This all-natural cosmetic is able to nourish and repair the hair from within. The tricky part though is that you must be careful when it comes to choosing the right oil. Simply put, the oil has to match your hair porosity. The good news is that natural oils will never damage the hair, even if you don’t use the right one. How will you know that the oil you’ve picked is right for your hair? You will see the immediate improvement in the way your hair looks. There is another advantage of treating hair with vegetable oils that shouldn’t be ignored. These natural cosmetics provide hair with UV and heat protection.

How to prevent hair dryness?

Start with cutting on all hair care products containing silicone. Don’t expose the hair to high temperatures. Try not to use a hair dryer. However, if you really have to, set the lowest temperature that the device allows you to select. Use a flat iron and hair curler only for special occasions, and if you do this, always apply some heat protection first.

The next time you wash your hair, pour a shampoo on your hand and thin it with water – now you can put it on the scalp. Use really gentle motions while washing the hair to prevent knots. Rinse the hair only with lukewarm water.

The last piece of advice concerns arranging hairdos – try not to tie the hair too tightly. 


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