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How NOT to Care for Hair? TOP 10 Myths

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We all dream of healthy, lovely hair but being overwhelmed by so many products we are guilty of making big hair-care mistakes and taking some weird tips that make the hair worse. We work so hard to make the strands stun but end up with hair looking worse.

What tips should we never listen to?

1. More product equals more benefits.

This is a myth which actually concerns all beauty products. People often say that the more product you apply, the better. This is obviously bullsh. Always follow the directions provided by the manufacturer.

2. Trimming ends makes hair grow faster.

You might have heard that you speed up hair growth by cutting the ends off. This is not true because growth depends only on the state of the scalp and is possible when follicles receive enough nutrients. Still, hair surely looks better fresh, without the ragged, split ends.

3. You mustn’t wash the hair every day.

Another thing you shouldn’t believe. Washing the hair properly and using the right products (for daily use) are the things that matter. Always massage the scalp to improve the hair by increasing blood flow, cleansing the skin and sparking faster growth.

4. Brush your hair as often as possible.

Yeah, the correct brushing also needs some training. If you do it too vigorously and use wrong accessories, you do nothing but cause damage! Always brush the hair carefully and choose the right brush/comb for your hair type.

5. You can actually bind split ends back together.

The only way to get rid of split ends is cutting them off. There aren’t products that would bind them back together. They can only make them look better if they feature silicones.

6. You can’t change your hair growth speed.

Wrong! There are plenty of ways for making hair grow faster. Try scalp scrub, massage, oil treatment and a healthy diet. Of course you can’t count on fast, spectacular effects but these treatments surely make the task easier.

7. Brush your hair when it’s wet.

This isn’t a good piece of advice because wet hair is easily damaged but if you do it, choose the right comb and gently brush the strands to lower the risk of damage.

8. Shampoo must form lots of lather.

No, it doesn’t have to lather to cleanse effectively. It should contain well-suited ingredients not to weigh down or dry out the hair. Some shampoos that don’t lather at all may prove the best cleansers.

9. Long hair is more likely to fall out in excess.

There are plenty of causes of hair loss and this one isn’t true. The hair length has nothing to do with its loss. The condition of hair and scalp matters so follow the proper routine and choose the best products.

10. You can’t get hair color-treated when you’re pregnant.

This isn’t true. There aren’t any tests that confirm the bad effect of color-treating on the baby so feel free to make an appointment.

There are lots of hair-care myths and you shouldn’t believe them. Make sure you pick the right products for your scalp since it’s the best way to get healthy hair.

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