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All hair-repair treatments fail?! Reach out for Nanoil Keratin Mask!

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Is a hair mask powerful enough to fix damage? Sure it is! Nanoil proves that – before getting the tresses cut off – there is always the last resort you can count on and it’s called Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask – your hair-saving mask. It remedies even super-damaged, splitting hair. Why don’t you experience this wonderful effect too?

Few people realize there is a huge number of things that affect both the condition and appearance of hair. The sunlight, our diet, heat styling, products we use daily, air pollution, hormones, health problems… We feel like we could list the hair-damaging factors endlessly.

To damage proof the hair we need to know how to care for it the right way to make it stronger and better-looking. If you leave your hair as it is, it will never look good. Providing just a little support (e.g. the right mask) gives you the vitality and shine back without pricey salon treatments and – above all else – without drastic and unwanted haircuts.

Operation “Repair”

Damaged hair is the hair whose inner structures are wrecked. It’s highly likely it lacks hydration and needs nourishing. It may also suffer because of the damaged external keratin layer. That is why you must focus on providing proteins (repair), preventing loss of water (hydration) and delivering powerful nutrients (revitalization). It all makes up full hair repair.

Each hair type deserves to be treated by the hair-reviving keratin mask from Nanoil – no matter if it’s harshly damaged, splitting, thinning or just needs strengthening.

Whenever you spot your hair goes through a rough patch, the operation “repair” with Nanoil will surely help you out.

Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask

This lightweight, creamy mask has a lovely smell and leaves tresses as smooth as silk. It works since the first use! The mask by Nanoil really makes a good pick because you get a big 300ml jar filled up with the professional treatment giving better effects than some hairdressers are able to create.

What should you know about the keratin mask from Nanoil?

  1. Despite working intensively, it doesn’t overburden the hair.
  2. It repairs the deepest hair structures.
  3. It is rich in the most powerful hydrolyzed keratin.

What effect does the keratin mask from Nanoil have?

It’s designed for damaged hair so it obviously repairs the strands. How? P h e n o m e n a l l y! It’s called a super-conditioning protein bomb that revives and strengthens the hair from within. Unlike most products, it doesn’t give merely a superficial effect because it penetrates through the open cuticles making its way to the parts of hair that need fixing.

Of course full repair and inhibiting breakage can’t happen overnight. The complete overhaul requires some time. Still, once you use it for the first time, you tresses look smoother, glossier and simply better. The improvement is the most striking in frizz- and static-prone hair because the Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask takes control of the most unruly strands. This is obviously the reason why women all over the world love it!

Effects after Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask:

  • Stronger, less brittle hair.
  • Zero split ends.
  • Shine and color boost.
  • Resilience, smoothness, softness.
  • A lovely hairdo without heat styling.
  • No more thinning hair.

Ingredients in the keratin mask from Nanoil

The wonderful effect wouldn’t be possible without the best selection of ingredients. A group of experts have been choosing the substances to create the most powerful #team4specialtasks! The mask holds two essential ingredients.

  1. Hydrolyzed keratin – a protein that builds our hair; the hydrolyzed type easily penetrates the hair to reconstruct the inner layers.
  2. Provitamin B5/panthenol – makes hair dazzling through boosting hydration and resilience, revitalizing and keeping strands safe from the external aggressors.

How to use the Nanoil Mask?

Last of all, a brief manual – once you decide to repair your hair, go to and place your order with home delivery, you will surely wonder how to use the keratin mask for the best results. And this proves very simple!

At first, remember to smooth the mask over washed, damp hair: the cuticles are raised so it’s easier for the mask to penetrate the hair. The manufacturer suggests leaving it in from 15 to 30 minutes. To make it work more intensively, put on a shower cap and a towel. The mask must be washed out to avoid overburdened strands and to create a silky layer protecting the hair instead.

In order to get real results, using the Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask regularly is a must – at least once a week.

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