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Davines OI OIL Absolute Beautifying Potion With Roucou Oil

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Capacity: 50 ml
Efficiency: hardly efficient
Design: a plastic bottle and minimalistic but elegant design
Applicator: a small pump
Fragrance: intensive, sweet
Consistency: semiliquid, colourless

Davines OI OIL – Purpose

Davines Oi Oil is designed for all hair types. It protects dry, brittle hair and provides beautiful look to any hair type. The oil is suitable for dyed, lighted up, curly and straight hair. The main task of Davines OI OIL is instant hair beautification and creating on its surface an occlusive layer that makes hair visibly thicker.

Davines OI OIL – Composition & Action

Davines Oi OIL is a combination of synthetic oils developed in the brand’s laboratories (unfortunately, they are comedogenic) and exotic natural Roucou Oil supported with Sunflower Oil. This beautifying mixture’s aim is to condition hair immediately. The synthetic oils are responsible for delivering the shine and improving condition of the strands. Additionally, the oils protect hair inner structures so as to prevent strands from further deterioration.

Natural oils, due to their hair penetrating action, get deep into the hair core and fill all gaps.

Davines OI OIL also contains a series of synthetic silicones, created especially for Davines hair oil. These create the invisible coat on hair surface making strands boost their volume, increase elasticity and intensifies the shine. Thanks to this, the strands are nice to the touch and stop being rough.

Davines OI OIL – Directions For Use

Davines OI OIL can be applied in a few ways:

  • to dry strands during hair styling as well as a few times throughout a day (any time when you feel that your hair has lost condition)
  • to damp hair before blow-drying so you’ll protect the hair against the hot air generated by the device; hair styling will be easier and the natural oils will be absorbed faster

Davines OI OIL – Advantages

  • ↗ a pretty, original package
  • ↗ contains exotic Roucou Oil
  • ↗ is perfect for hair styling
  • ↗ is good at hair conditioning and gloss delivering

Davines OI OIL – Disadvantages

  • ↘ isn’t suitable to perform deep hair regeneration treatment
  • ↘ not efficient enough
  • ↘ not everyone will find the sweet fragrance of the cosmetic appealing
  • ↘ many silicones and comedogenic substances in the composition