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Philip B Rejuvenating Oil

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Capacity: 60 ml
Efficiency: not efficient
Design: rather regular; a small bottle made of dark glass with a black label
Applicator: a glass dropper with a rubber pump
Fragrance: strong, relaxing, nutty-and-vegetable, a sweet note recognised
Consistency: a dense oil of amber shade

Philip B Rejuvenating Oil – Purpose

Philip B Rejuvenating Oil is designed to treat dry and damaged hair as a consequence of being exposed to improper care, frequent dyeing or lightening up.

Philip B Rejuvenating Oil also regulates work of sebaceous glands, so it stops greasy scalp.

Philip B Rejuvenating Oil – Composition & Action

Philip B Rejuvenating Oil is an extensive hair care. It fills the gaps in the amino acid chains, so it mends cortex of the hair. Natural oils that compose Philip B Rejuvenating Oil strengthen hair shafts and fill the gaps in its structure. The product contains six natural oils:

  • Olive Oil moistens the scalp and prevents water loss from the inside of the hair. Thanks to this strands stop being dehydrated as they gain elasticity and shine.
  • Sesame Oil improves hair condition and strengthens its colour as it counteracts premature greying. Sesame Oil also supports hair growth and protects the strands against the damaging action of the sun.
  • Arachis Oil moistens even the most dehydrated hair. It slows down hair ageing processes thanks to vitamins A and E. The oil protects hair against damages.
  • Sweet Almond Oil is a delicate oil of a pleasant and subtle fragrance which eases all possible irritations of the scalp, intensifies the shine of hair and makes hair become silky to the touch.
  • Jojoba Oil takes care of proper pH level of the scalp, leaves it clean and replenished with water, helps combat dandruff and other ailments of the scalp. Jojoba Oil intensifies the shine of the hair, takes care of hair ends.
  • Walnut Oil nourishes and regenerates hair. It’s good at protecting hair ends against damage. The oil poses a richness of vitamins A and E, thanks to which it counteracts hair loss.

The power of natural oils is intensified thanks to essential oils such as Ylang-Ylang, which has stress relieving features, as well as relaxing and warming up Lavender Oil which, on the one hand, has tranquilising features and, on the other hand, it stimulates microcirculation of skin cells easing the product’s absorption.

Despite the great number of natural oils and the producer’s claims, Philip B Rejuvenating Oil doesn’t provide the complete hair regeneration. It can’t be applied directly to the scalp since it contains silicones and dehydrating alcohol (benzyl alcohol).

Philip B Rejuvenating Oil – Directions For Use

The oil can’t be applied to the scalp, but it can be put on hair, starting from a few centimetres from the scalp downwards; so as to make the oil coat the entire length of hair. Philip B Rejuvenating Oil has to be rubbed into dry hair. In order to intensify the action of the oil, it’s suggested warming up the product using the hot air generated by a blow-dryer. The producer recommends leaving the oil on dry hair for 20-45 minutes and an hour or two on super damaged hair. To provide hair with deep regeneration, the oil has to be left on the strands from 2 up to 15 hours. Once the treatment with Philip B Rejuvenating Oil is over, hair always has to be washed with shampoo so as to prevent the oil from weighing the hair down. The more damaged hair, the more frequently Philip B Rejuvenating Oil has to be used.

Philip B Rejuvenating Oil – Advantages

  • ↗ a great number of natural oils
  • ↗ regeneration of the entire length of hair
  • ↗ a pleasant and relaxing fragrance owned to essential oils
  • ↗ makes combing easier and conditions hair well
  • ↗ poses a great alternative to the hair masks

Philip B Rejuvenating Oil – Disadvantages

  • ↘ can’t be applied to the scalp
  • ↘ contains bad, short-chained alcohol which can be responsible for causing irritations and dehydrations
  • ↘ the glass dropper can break into pieces
  • ↘ not efficient